Real skills. Real proof. Real results.

Candidates prove their design skills to expert designers by demonstrating what they know, understand, and can apply, to earn their Proof-of-Skill.

Shortlist with Proof-of-Skill to speed up hiring, reduce costs, with full transparency, and make CVs obsolete.

Step into The Future of Hiring Now!

Shortlist faster with AADHAAR-linked Proof-of-Skill of candidates that provide a clear and accurate view of candidates' true abilities
for confident decision-making.

Hiring re-imagined from first principles

Forget drowning in resumes. Instantly understand what candidates Know, Understand, and can Apply. Compare their Proof-of-Skill to find your perfect hire.

Goodbye Resumes, Hello Proof-of-Skill!

Get Proof-of-Skill of candidates that offer a holistic view: Aadhaar-linked identities, expert-validated skills, verified work experience and education. Redefine how you see candidates.

From Applications to Interviews in Minutes, Not Weeks

Accelerate hiring with Proof-of-Skill. Access proven skills instantly, moving candidates to interviews quickly & minimizing dropouts.

Hire based on Skills, not speculation

Replace traditional job descriptions with precise Skill Requirements. Hire based on precise skills that match your needs, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Proof-of-Skill is definitely going to save a lot of time and money while evaluating and shortlisting candidates

Manali Jain

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Current platforms lack depth in evaluating real skills & their application; Proof-of-Skill uniquely verifies the practical application, addressing a primary concern in tech recruitment.

Apoorva Indla

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Judging designers has only been subjective so far on the basis of design sensibilities. Proof-of-Skill protocol is about to make it objective, which not only makes sure that hiring is more efficient but also makes sure that designers keep upskilling as well.

Kavan Antani

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The ability to achieve dependable validation of skills is a total game changer for us. It will makes this hiring process more effective and fair. I can't wait to see how it transforms our talent acquisition.

Diksha Kataria

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Resumes are an outdated method for assessing candidates' skills. We urgently need a new, reliable way to evaluate and shortlist applicants. Proof-of-Skill is poised to revolutionize this process.

Vyoma Vegad

Assess, Compare, and Shortlist Candidates Quicker Based on Real Skills with Proof-of-Skill

The Proof-of-Skill Way

Turn guesses into gurantees with clear evidence of skill. Enjoy a streamlined, quicker hiring process with minimal dropouts.
Make safer choices with solid, informed decisions.

Companies Set Skill Requirements

Companies sign up & create a Skill Requirement by selecting desired skills & skill levels, and share the Skill Requirement link with candidates.

Candidates Sign Up & Verify ID & History

Candidates sign up using the provided link, verify their identity with AADHAAR, provide proof of past work experience & education, and select the skills they wish to prove.

Candidates submit Skill Assessments

Candidates demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and application of skills by submitting automated tests & project-based assessments in a proctored environment.

Industry Experts issue Proof-of-skill credentials

Multiple industry experts evaluate the assessments & issue Proof-of-Skill credentials, reflecting the candidates' actual skill levels. These credentials are then included in the candidates' Proof-of-Skill profile.

Companies Compare & Shortlist

Recruiters can access, sort, filter and compare the candidates’ Proof-of-Skill to shortlist the ones who have the best fitment for their Skill Requirements.

Assess, Compare, and Shortlist Candidates Quicker Based on Real Skills with Proof-of-Skill

Validate Skills, Transform Hiring

Become a Genesis Skill Validator and establish the foundation for skill based hiring. Get paid for your expertise and time.

Create a Fair & Transparent Future of Hiring

Help us validate skills of candidates and ensure a fair and transparent hiring process. Join us in revolutionizing the way companies find and recognize real skills.

Champion Meritocracy & Diversity

Advocate for a hiring process that promotes true meritocracy and values diversity. Be part of a movement that ensures everyone gets the recognition they deserve, regardless of their background.

Elevate Your Profile & Make Meaningful Connections

Take a pivotal role by becoming the Genesis Skill Validator for Proof-of-Skill and enhance your professional profile. Connect with a community of like-minded visionaries and innovators who are dedicated to reshaping the future of hiring.

Empower True Talent

Support the creation of a system that empowers individuals to showcase their real skills. Help talented individuals break free from outdated credentialing systems and gain the recognition they deserve.

Skill Validators earn for validating skills on the Proof-of-skill protocol!

Assess, Compare, and Shortlist Candidates Quicker Based on Real Skills with Proof-of-Skill

Why We Need Proof-of-Skill

It's high time to unlearn old hiring habits and embrace an efficient, transparent, and trustworthy way to hire based on proven skills.

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It's time to challenge the status quo & break free from outdated hiring practices.

Embrace the revolution, and let the Proof of Skill lead the way to a smarter, more efficient hiring process.

Next time, don't ask your candidates for their CV, ask them for their Proof of Skill!